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I was introduced into this industry by my father, Richard Wagner and worked with him side by side for 20 years. He wanted to be in business for himself, but not by himself. He wanted his own business and control his own destiny but could not find a company that truly gave him the control of his block of business. He formed DFMG so that every agent/rep could have total control. My father always taught me to believe in a high standard of excellence and integrity. It’s our agents that make the company. TOGETHER we can all make a difference. I believe in honesty, loyalty and integrity and feel that these qualities attract the kind of entrepreneur we want to do business with.

DFMG Founder
Richard Wagner
DFMG President
Tracie Lyn Frank

Building a Foundation on Solid Ground

Top Street Rate Commissions

Full Service Broker Dealer

Fantastic Back Office Support

Full Line of Products

Own Your Own Block of Business

Product Bonus

Profit Sharing

Through DFMG, representatives will have easy access to the industry’s most competitive products offered by the following top companies

Related Companies in the Industry

American National

Lincoln Benefit Life

American Skandia








National Life

American General

  • Amerus

Products Available but Not Limited to:

Fixed & Variable Life Insurance

Medicare Supplement

Fixed, Index & Variable Annuities

Disability Income

Long Term Care Insurance

Critical Illness

Education Funding

Estate Planning


Survivor Needs

Debt Management


Debt Consolidation


DFMG also offers many services including efficient back office support in helping representatives meet their clients’ needs:

Back Office Support

Case design & management


Sales Ideas & Support

Product Training

Easy Access Website

Advanced Sales & Marketing

Guidelines for processing Licensing and Business:

Appointment processing All appointments should originate with a call to DFMG 208-762-9950 or 800-828-0022 Agents with current contracts (direct with another BGA) should notify DFMG.All completed paperwork should be sent directly to DFMG via email/fax or 3219 Backweight Loop Post Falls ID 83854 .  DFMG will send all completed paperwork with copies of licenses and current E&O for processing. Some Appointments we can do via on line. Securities paperwork with be processed via workflow system and on line reporting and once branch approval is complete paperwork can be mailed to Capital Financial, Inc Broker Dear adviser member FINRA/SIPC. All sales are completed mostly on line and or by faxing directly with the carrier, if a check is with processing then mail procedures vary. Please refer back to DFMG we will help you with the various processes with individual carriers.

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